1. I sleep best:

A. when I eat a snack high in protein and fat 1-2 hours before going to bed.

B. when I eat a snack higher in carbohydrates 3-4 hours before going to sleep.


2. I sleep best if:

A. my dinner is composed of mainly meat with some vegetables or other carbohydrates.

B. my dinner is composed mainly of vegetables or other carbohydrates and a comparatively
small serving of meat.


3. I sleep best AND Wake UP FEELING RESTED:

A. if I don’t eat sweet deserts likes cakes, candy or cookies. If I eat rich desert that is not overly sweet,
such as high-quality full-dat ice cream, I tend to sleep okay.

B. if I occasionally eat sweet desert before I go to bed.


4. After vigorous exercise, I feel best when I consume:

A. foods or drinks with high protein and/or fat-rich content , such as a high-protein shake

B. foods or drinks higher in carbohydrates (sweeter), such as Gatorade


5. I do best - maintain clarity and A sense of well-being for up to 4 hours after a meal - when I eat:

A. a meat-based meal containing heavier meats, such as chicken legs, roast beef and salmon with a smaller
portion of carbohydrates.

B. a carbohydrate-based meal containing vegetables, bread, rice and small portion of lighter meat such as
chicken breast or white fish.


6. IF I am tired & consume sugar or sweet foods such as donuts, candy Or sweetened drinks without big amounts of fat / protein:

A. I get a rush of energy, but then I am likely to crash and feel sluggish.

B. I feel better and my energy levels are restored until my next meal.


7. Which statement best describes your disposition towards food in general:

A. I love food and live to eat!

B. I do not fuss over food and I eat to live.


8. I often:

A. add salt to my foods.

B. find that foods are too salty for my liking.


9. Instinctually, I prefer to eat:

A. dark meat, such as the chicken or turkey legs and thighs over the white breast meat.

B. light meat such as chicken or turkey breast over the dark leg and thigh meat.


10. WhICH list of fish most appeals to you?

A. Anchovy, caviar, herring, mussels, sardines, abalone, clams, crab, crayfish, lobster, mackerel, octopus, oyster, salmon, scallops, shrimps, snail, squid, tuna (dark meat)

B. White fish, catfish, cod, flounder, haddock, perch, scrod, sole, trout, tuna (white), turbot


11. When eating dairy products, I feel best after eating:

A. Richer, full fat yogurts and cheese or deserts.

B. Lighter, low fat yogurts and cheese or deserts.


12. With regards to snacking:

A. I tend to do better when I snack between meals or eat more smaller meals throughout the day.

B. I tend to last between meals without snacking.


13. Which describes the way you instinctually prefer to start your day in order to feel your best and to have the most energy?

A. A large breakfast that includes protein and fat, such as eggs with sausages or bacon.

B. A light breakfast such as cereals, fruit, yogurt, breads and possibly some eggs.


14. Which characteristics best describe you:

A. In general, I digest food well, have an appetite for proteins, feel good when eating fats or fatty food, am more muscular or inclined to gain muscle or strength easily.

B. I am more lithe of build, prefer light meals and lower fat foods, am more inclined toward endurance athletics.



Total answers A:

Total answers B:



Determine your Metabolic Type

To score your test, add the questions you circled A and the number your circled B.


> If your number of A answers is three or more than B answers, you are a Protein Type.

> If your number of A and B answers are tied or within two of each other, you are a Mixed Type.

> If your number of B answers is three or more than A answers, you are a Carb Type.