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Social Media Marketing INTERN 

As one of our Social Media Marketing Interns, you will be part of the intern team, and assist in the creation and publishing of relevant, original, and high quality content. Your overarching goal will be to innovate and look for opportunities to attract new followers and inspire our expanding network to level up their lives.

Social Media Marketing INTERN (CHINA)


One of our founders has lived and worked in China for many years, and believes our offering would provide great value to the thriving, innovative population of China.

China currently stands alone as both a unique market, and environment for growth. As part of our Chinese intern team, your primary objective will be to not only research and identify both the best prevalent and emerging platforms to host YogiLab content on - but also to develop China specific content and experiments.


As our Digital Marketing intern, you will play an integral role on the intern team, developing the most relevant marketing tools and strategies to assist in leading integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution. Your primary objective will be to maximize Yogilab’s online presence, cultivating new and innovative ways to connect with out digital on and offline community.

Videographer Internship

As our YogiLab Videographer Intern, your main objective will be to assist the Creative Director in capturing footage and assisting with editing.

You will accomplish the bulk of the technical tasks related to production and post-production, as well as exploring the creative possibilities of how to add value to our ever growing library of content. The videographer will work closely with the Creative Director to execute each concept through to completion. This includes collaboration on (but is not limited to); vlogs, podcasts, documentaries, and online courses.