Who should apply?

Internships at YogiLab are open to anyone. If our mission lights you up inside & you can see the value of working alongside a team of committed passionate social entrepreneurs, then our internship irrespective of background or education may be a great fit. if you have a special skill you feel could add great value to our mission, by all means, don’t hesitate to get in contact & let us know why you think you would make a great candidate.

What are the terms of your internships?

Generally, we hire interns throughout the whole year, from summer, fall to winter terms, Every Internship has a duration of at least six month. Our application process allows everyone to become part of YogiLab, even those applying who may not be college students, our on boarding dates are flexible.

If I’m interested, how do I apply?

Start by reviewing the open internship positions here and when you find one that gets your gears racing, and you’ve confirmed you meet all the requirements and understand the project scope… you can apply here by filling out our web form application.

How many hours/day am I expected to work?

A general work day would be a minimum of 4 hours. That leaves you plenty of time to go out and explore the island, learn about the culture, and go on plenty of epic adventures all while crushing it in your prescribed mission.


What kinds of projects will I be working on?

All of our various projects will come with a clear cut scope of work, set of goals and roadmap on how to accomplish those goals. While we do our best to leave out the guesswork, we encourage our interns to bring their own ideas and creativity into the picture. As a startup venture, we are creating a culture where dynamic change is welcomed so long as results and progress are maintained.

Are they paid internships?

At this point, no. We compensate our interns with valuable mentoring, knowledge, connections and the opportunity to live in Bali with access to our many years of local contacts made here. This helps to keep the overall costs of the internship at a manageable rate, considering the cost of living in Bali is quite low compared to the western world.

What are you looking for in an intern?

Ambition, curiosity, passion, authenticity and a deep desire and willingness to grow and expand. There must be a passion not only for self-development but for the work in question and the overall mission. We aim for curiosity-driven leaders in training who ask plenty of questions and go above and beyond what is expected.

Where will I be working & who would I answer to?

We have two business locations here in Bali; Karma House in Ubud and The Istana in Uluwatu. Where you will be stationed will depend on what is happening at the time. Prior to your arrival, you will be assigned a mentor who will help you get acclimated with the area and be your point person to help you grow.